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Sonic 15th: April Fools Sonic 15th: April Fools

Rated 5 / 5 stars

easter eggs?

ok i know u put an easter egg somewhere and im not dumb so u better have a good explaination

RicStrife responds:

Nope, seriously, this is 100% all there is.
*reply removed due to now being inaccurate*

Sonic 15th 2wo Sonic 15th 2wo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

music lol

wat was the song in the menu my friend and me were laughing so hard when we
heard the song! :D

RicStrife responds:

Ok, I'm not going to answer you, because in the 3 years this has been on Newgrounds, and the 290 reviews, I have that over 100 people ask me that now!
I'm not even joking! I don't even know how many people have asked me in a review!!! If you want to know it, there are TWO things to do!
2- Look through previous reviews!

And I swear to God, if I get one more inbox'd message asking be about it, Im releasing the Global Headcrab Rockets!